When Bentley isn’t playing D&D with his pals he’s working from his home studio doing voice overs for Film, TV & Radio. He spends the rest of his free time with his Kids and Three Dogs.

Bentley has only been playing D&D for the past year, but is already obsessed. At the age of 35 he felt silly going and buying his first pair of dice, but they glow in the suck on that bozo's.

Having played Lanceton Fillydook the Wizard Gnome last season as well as Illdyn Godear the Rogue Assassin, he decided to take on the challenge of DM for Season 2. He has quite the adventure planned for his players and is very excited to be able to add on to and expand on the world REtt created in Season 1. 

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@bentleywho on Instagram & Twitter, or click here to find out more about his voice over and production projects.