Besides joining the Chaotic Amateurs on their adventure for Season 2, Milo spends his time tutoring Geology, Astronomy, and Writing at the community college level. He also enjoys playing with his long-term D&D group and getting a round of disc golf with his friends while enjoying a few beers.

Milo has been playing D&D with a group in an ever expanding world for 12 years. Having played to epic levels with several characters, Milo enjoys seeing the development of his PCs as the story progresses.

Playing Ren has been a welcome departure from his brash half-orc barbarian in his other campaign. Ren's quiet, and often awkward, demeanor is put at odds with an unnatural desire to promote his god Urogalan and "lead" Ren and Friends. After a long self-inflicted exile from his peaceful halfling community and family, Ren has been thrust into a political struggle witch he has little interest in beyond the notoriety it brings toppling an evil dictatorship.