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S03 EP022 - Chaotic Amateurs - Questionable Sword Choices

S03 EP022 - Chaotic Amateurs - Questionable Sword Choices

Good week, Chaotic Crew! Ren and Friends get right into action this episode with some big developments finally coming to a head. Stone dragons? Fake dragons? Real dragons? Incompetent players getting items they don’t deserve? I don’t know, but it sounds like a recipe for Chaotic Amateurs. Thanks for listening, liking, sharing, and reviewing! Keep on adventuring!

Bonus: This week’s episode contains our Unbriefing for this week since this is our Free First Week (FFW)! If you’re feeling like you’ll be missing out on our Unbriefing release date, which is usually Thursday, over on Patreon, don’t worry! We have another treat for you over there on Thursday! Our own Bentley spent some time with the folks at Adventure Incorporated . You’ll get to hear that over on And it’ll be FREE, because it’s FFW! The only way to get it, though, is to travel to Patreon on Thursday. Enjoy!

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